Sheet Metal Processing

Modern sheet metal processing requires comprehensive know-how, especially when it comes to professional sheet metal forming. Since the foundation of the company, IPEK Industries GmbH has developed to a specialist for sheet metal working on the basis of many years of experience and highly qualified employees.


IPEK Industries GmbH is your high-performance partner for punching, bending and deep-drawing parts made of sheet metal up to a sheet thickness of 12 mm. We manufacture all our tools in our house.


We manufacture sheet metal parts according to customer requirements or technical drawings made of all common metallic materials.


  • Punching-bending and deep-drawing of 0.3 mm – 12 mm
  • Welding assemblies (welding robots)


In addition, we also offer further operations such as:


  • powder coating
  • Galvanic coatings
  • KTL painting
  • Liquid painting


4 pieces eccentric press 630 tons (1500 x 1300 stroke: 1260 mm)
1 piece eccentric press 315 tons (1450 x 2500 stroke: 200 mm)
2 pieces eccentric press 250 tons (1450 x 800 stroke: 480 mm)

1 piece hydraulic press 150 tons (1100 x 1100 stroke: 800 mm)
1 piece hydraulic press 150 tons (1100 x 1400 stroke: 1200 mm)
1 piece of hydraulic press 350 tons (1400 x 1900 stroke: 1200 mm)

Quality Assurance

1 piece 3-D coordinate measuring machine
1 piece profile projector
4 pieces altimeter
3 pieces thickness gauge
2 pieces of coating thickness gauge
Various digital calipers
Various digital micrometers

We are looking forward to your challenge!

We are looking forward to your challenge! Feel free to contact us by phone, email or contact form for a personal consultation and an individual offer.